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Since almost 100 years we are working “all around the ball” within our company!
 Being a manufacturing company, we are producing play- and sporting balls for our worldwide customers
– based on a patented manufacturing process - inour production site, located in Bavaria in the South of Germany.
The product variety is without limits and covers premium lacquered playing balls, trendy glitter balls, Saturn Hopper, funny hopper balls, riding animals as well as sporting items such as soccer-, volley- and basketballs. In addition, we offer cozy softballs and PU-foam balls, funny high-bounce balls and
adorable Cushee balls.
John GmbH has taken over company Beluga Toys GmbH in 2019. Since that date, the ball assortment is complemented by high quality wooden toys, such as sand pits, shops, ball tracks, doll house furniture. Added are also outdoor games
such as Twipsolino swings and trendy items as the Lasertag toy Laser X and Supermag.
Currently we are working at a great pace on our updated internet presence.
Stay curious to see our new features and products!
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